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FOXY 4/2008-11/25/2021

My dear foxy went across that rainbow bridge on Thanksgiving morning. She was born in 2008 in North Dakota and she was picked up by a friend of mine who was not able to care for her and her litter mate after a few months. They came to their forever home just at 6 months. They were sassy little demons but I loved them both. Foxy’s sister Bella passed away two years later unfortunately in 2010 but foxy carried on with pride. A month later we got a new pup named Sammi and even though they had their battles they did love each other. They enjoyed trips up the mountains together, camping, fishing and Eventually foxy became a water dog and enjoyed going into the creek for a quick cool off or a nice swim. We added our own kids which took a little bit for foxy to get used too she was more attached me then anyone else in the household. She loved hanging her head out the car window getting that fresh breeze. When her health started to decline in November I knew she was gonna leave us and on Thanksgiving Morning she passed away in her sleep peacefully. Foxy, We all miss your little sassy tude but we know your up there playing with your sister Bella. Your no longer in pain. Thank you At Home on the Range for taking extra care of her afterwards.

Love you Foxy,
Gary, Emilia, Aydyn, Elida and Sammi

Mrs. Marbles


Mrs. Marbles graced our lives for five years. We adopted her as a “senior, couch potato” cat from Heart of the Valley. Were they ever wrong! Once she started mousing, she cleaned out our neighborhood. Marbles lived on the golf course, and would eventually go up to golfers, looking for a head pet. She strengthened her hurt hip with all the running about. She was a joy to live with. In the summer, she slept under the peonies, behind the catmint she loved. That’s where her ashes will go. Rob and I miss you very much, dearest cat.


Lucas was born in North East Oklahoma in late July of 2009. He went to his forever home with his new “mom” in November of 2009. He was a very tiny guy, weighing just around 1.25 lbs at almost 4 months. He grew up to be the most wonderful Maltese ever. He was loving, protective, playful, funny, and gave the absolute best snuffly kisses. He was a snuggly napper and had many lovely afternoons with his mama in bed. He traveled all over the U.S., as his mom was in the Army. He made many trips from Oklahoma to Montana, Texas to Montana, and finally made Montana his home the last few years. He adapted to the snow and loved to play in it. He loved to play fetch and tear up toys. He was “10 feet tall and bullet proof” and always was ready to take on the world. As hard as it was to be with you at the end, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was so important to me to make sure you weren’t alone, that you KNEW how much you were loved. Every thing feels so empty without you here Luca. Your waggly tail and little bark is missing. I miss seeing your eyes, looking at me so intently. I miss you teasing the other dogs with your treats. I miss you forever. I hope you know how much you were loved. I hope we meet again.


Jethro Thomas McCarthy

Jethro Thomas McCarthy

11/25/2009 ~ 01/ 01/2021
We lost our sweet boy Jethro on January 1st, 2021.
It was unexpected and happened so fast that the pain was terrible. We have lost 3 Precious Golden’s starting in May 2019. We are left with Jethro’s sister Jaydin. I feel so bad for Jaydin being left alone after being raised with her Mom, Aunt & brother. I totally believe she knows what it is to mourn. We are trying to remember all the things Jethro did that made us smile. I think the hardest part is coming home the first time and Jethro wasn’t at the door to greet me. I’m unable to move the dog bed that Jethro would lay on at night beside our bed on the floor. It’s so amazing how much you can LOVE an animal. But there’s always that one hard day when you loose them. I love my pets with my heart and soul. So each time I loose one they take a portion of me with them. How I hope and Pray I see them again one day. Thanks for being such a good boy Jethro. We’ll never forget you sweetheart.



Katie and I miss your sweet spirit so much! But we also know you’re running around having fun with Wyatt again, and you’re free of pain. I’m so glad you had so many adventures here! We know we’ll all be reunited again someday. I love you my Superhero.

Moira “Mo”

Yesterday I lost my sweet kitty, Mo. It was her 18th birthday. I didn’t have Moira for very long- I adopted her last June- but she enriched my life in so many ways. She was the best napping buddy a girl could ask for and always made coming home from a long day enjoyable. I’ve had depression and anxiety since I can remember, but Mo made me feel loved regardless of my mental state.
She had pretty advanced kidney disease when I adopted her and it got worse over time. Eventually it’s what did her in. I loved her with my whole heart and I hope she knew how loved she was in her final months. In her last moments, she seemed so peaceful. I knew nothing would hurt her anymore. Her failing kidneys wouldn’t cause any more distress. She was finally free of any pain.  I miss her. Momma loves you, sweet little Mo.


Everything seems so strange without my PEPPER here with me

He was the best dog I’ve EVER had Chase them birds and rabbits PAL!

Hayley Faith McCarthy 1/18/2006 ~ 6/21/2019

Our Sweet Hayley didn’t stay with us very long after her sister Hannah passed away. She only survived a little over a month. Her pups had her sweet disposition. Hayley loved her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. She always chose that one over the many that were strewn throughout the house. When her health began to fail she still wanted to go outside and make the loop around the house. She was very vocal holding her head up and letting out her high pitched Bark. I’d give anything to hear that again. And she seemed to have perfect timing. Always during a good movie or whenever I was on the phone. She also loved to make sure everyone knew she was present when we had company. I can still remember her look when I came near her with her meds and water ; which had to be fresh with ice in it. It was as if her look was portraying, “It’s about time you got here”. At times some of her pups would come to the house to visit and stay the night. She really enjoyed seeing them. I knew she sensed that they were her kids. It’s so strange to have 4 dogs and then one day two of them are gone. We will never forget you Hayley. I have your Winnie on top of your ashes so it will always be yours sweetheart. At least now you are with your sister Hannah. We will NEVER forget you.

Hannah Faith McCarthy 1-18-2006 ~ 5-9-2019

I just lost my precious Hannah on May 9,2019. I was only going to get one Golden Retriever from the litter where I found her. Hannah chose me so there was no way I could leave her behind. It was a lot easier raising two pups together. She had the sweetest temperament and we both became so close from early on. I still see her ears flapping when she ran. And hear her talking to me with a toy in her mouth when I first walked in the front door. She never had a litter of pups but her sister Hayley was able to. Hannah loved being around the pups and was so gentle with them. Hannah would often would walk up to her sister Hayley to give her kisses. The two sisters laid together a lot. Hannah was so special to both me and my husband. Since our dogs are our children it makes so much harder to loose them. You will be missed Hannah but never forgotten. We are so glad you were a part of our lives. RIP sweet girl. The portion of your ashes I wear around my neck; means you will never be far from my heart.



Dusty was the best dog anyone could ask for. He had many friends since he was just so happy and enthusiastic to meet everyone. Even as a puppy, he was easy to train and did not do naughty things. Dusty was very smart. There were many words we had to spell out, and we even think he learned our spelling of some words! He sure loved his babies, and was always playful at heart. Some of his favorite silly activities were hide-and-seek, and rolling on his back while we ate dinner so that we’d pay attention to him instead of our meals. Boy, did he love food! His favorites were bananas and cheddar. Dusty also liked small places and we would often look over to see him nursing on one of his babies in his fort under the dining room table. Even at 11, he was so cute and handsome. He was a very beautiful boy. Dusty always gave so much love to us, especially when we’d come home. Those were the best, and most cheerful greetings to get! He was a lover and a cuddler, and especially liked cuddling with us on our bed when given the opportunity. It is very hard carrying on without him, but he didn’t like when we were sad, so we try and keep up with our routines and to find things to be happy about. We’ll miss him forever, and will remember often all the wonderful things he brought to our lives. We love you so much, Dusty boy!