Hi Nancy,

I wanted to say thank you so very much for your help with Auggie over the holidays. Losing him was very difficult, and in that hard situation you provided a warm light and direction for us to go. Honestly I called a few places and even over the phone I could sense your kind heart which is what led me to use your service. And after that the whole process just felt right and good, which meant a lot during that time and helped me feel at ease. I appreciate and am grateful for what you do, and I will HIGHLY recommend your service to anyone in the future. Thank you again!

Jessica Kaplin


I can’t even put into words the gratitude and appreciation I feel for At Home On The Range. Last week I lost my beautiful Kit Elizabeth Tharp after 11 years of being her momma. She’s the only pet I’d ever had, and I’d never had to experience losing one. Utter devastation and grief has been an understatement. Guilt…tears…regret…ugh…it’s been awful. Yesterday the vets office called to say that Kit’s ashes were there…and more tears came. When I arrived last night to pick her up, I wasn’t expecting her to be in a pretty box and then in a velvet bag with the words “until we meet under the rainbow bridge” inside I found a sweet card with the story of the rainbow bridge. And even as I sat in my car and cried, this time I cried tears knowing I’d be reunited with Kit again. It was an incredible gift having her presented to me that way and I will never be able to thank you enough for making me feel so much better…and at peace. Kit is home now. …now I just have to behave so I can get to heaven, but my first stop will be picking her up at the rainbow bridge;)
– Trace and Joe Croston


Nancy, Thank you so much for everything.
– D Arla Seavey


I love the Rainbow Bridge story and the memory impression of his paws which I will Cherish forever.
– Gwenn Harris Stokoe


Anyone who is head over heels in love with their pet – or knows someone who is…will be well taken care of here; At Home On The Range Pet Cemetery, LLC It warms my heart to know Romeo is safe next to me on my head board not rotting in a land fill. I was/am devastated by the tragic and sudden death of my horse and needed to find someone who could cremate him so he could be next to me. When I heard Nancy’s voice and she patiently sifted through my sobs to hear the full story and responded with, “Serra we can take care of Romeo” I just cried even more… from exhaustive relief.

When we arrived with … Romeo, we were genuinely loved and understood. They even kept some of Romeo’s ashes out and put them in a baggy so that I could find a soft palomino stuffy and sew them inside so I can sleep with him.

Pass the word so when the time comes for them to part with their pet, they can do so with the solace of caring individuals.


Thank you Dan and Nancy for the very caring and professional service you provide. Matilda was loved by many and will be missed by everyone who crossed her path. RIP “Maddie Bob”.
– Kathleen Cunningham


A very heartfelt THANK YOU for the services you provide. (Recently for our beloved Heiko, & 4 years ago for our dear Annie.) It really means the world to us, & others.
– Nikki Buck


This is our baby “Griz”. I just wanted to say thank you for taking good care of him. We will miss him so much but we know he is in a better place now.
-Loretta Dargis and family.


Thank you for providing your services with such dignity & kindness.
‎- Karen Benediktson


Thank you so much for what you do. I really appreciated the care you gave myself and my beloved cat. She will be missed dearly.
– ‎Angie Raube


Thanks “At Home on the Range”. I love how you care for my memories of my Spanky Boy. I love the Rainbow Bridge story and the memory impression of his paws which i will Cherish forever. You took such great care in making sure I understood that someday he will be with me again. Thanks so much for all you do.