Wayne came to us completely unexpectedly. My kids & I were going thru a lot at the time .. and honestly, people thought I was crazy for deciding to bring home a bearded dragon in need, with all that we had going on. I thought I was crazy too! Being a single mom of three, not to mention having zero experience with bearded dragons .. I’d never even had a reptile. None the less, we knew Wayne needed us. Turned out .. Wayne came to us right when we didn’t know we needed him. 💗 Countless hours I spent researching how to properly care for him. I learned new things all the time. I’ll never forget seeing that glimmer of wonder in my kids eyes as they watched me feed him live bugs for the first time, going on all those drives on the back roads with my kids to purchase crickets, his first bath, the kids searching for dandelions for him to eat. He bonded with my daughter immediately. He would snuggle into her chest and close his eyes. We could tell he was different than other bearded dragons. We could also tell, he wasn’t completely healthy … we knew he was sick. Looking back now, at the last year of his life .. it truly brings me to tears. He really perked up that last year, it’s like he knew this was it so he better live it up. We completely re-did his entire terrarium. We would try new foods with him, and we all laughed as he tried sweet potato puree for the first time. His mouth was covered in baby food and I swear he was smiling ear to ear. He loved taking baths. Looking back on it I realize, caring for him was healing me. Waynard, thanks for the adventure, the laughs and the tears. Thanks for being such a trooper. I am so glad we got the privilege of loving you the last few years of your life … 💗 We will never forget you. Fly high, bud 🥹🥹🥹