FOXY 4/2008-11/25/2021

My dear foxy went across that rainbow bridge on Thanksgiving morning. She was born in 2008 in North Dakota and she was picked up by a friend of mine who was not able to care for her and her litter mate after a few months. They came to their forever home just at 6 months. They were sassy little demons but I loved them both. Foxy’s sister Bella passed away two years later unfortunately in 2010 but foxy carried on with pride. A month later we got a new pup named Sammi and even though they had their battles they did love each other. They enjoyed trips up the mountains together, camping, fishing and Eventually foxy became a water dog and enjoyed going into the creek for a quick cool off or a nice swim. We added our own kids which took a little bit for foxy to get used too she was more attached me then anyone else in the household. She loved hanging her head out the car window getting that fresh breeze. When her health started to decline in November I knew she was gonna leave us and on Thanksgiving Morning she passed away in her sleep peacefully. Foxy, We all miss your little sassy tude but we know your up there playing with your sister Bella. Your no longer in pain. Thank you At Home on the Range for taking extra care of her afterwards.

Love you Foxy,
Gary, Emilia, Aydyn, Elida and Sammi