Need Assistance?

Many people will start thinking about the final care for their pet when the time comes to call their Veterinarian to make an appointment.  To make this difficult day just a tad bit easier, your veterinarian can contact us, after your appointment.  The staff at your Vet Clinic will discuss your pet’s final care options with you.  Here is a brief description of your final care options:

At Home on the Range provides the following:

Private Cremation – Your pet will be cremated by himself/herself and returned back to you

Communal Cremation – Your pet will be cremated with other pets, and will not be returned back to you, but instead buried here on our family farm in Amsterdam (80 acre field).

Farm Field Burial – Your pet will be buried in our 80 acre field that is dedicated to the Pet Cemetery

Cemetery Burial – We have a 1 acre area, which has a natural setting of wildflowers, tall grasses and Mountain views where your pet will be able to have a burial marker, if so desired, for the burial plot.

If you decide to have a Veterinarian come to your home, they will usually contact us for you.  We provide pickup from your home, if needed, or the Veterinarian will transport your pet to us.  Some owners prefer to bring their pet to us themselves.  Please call to schedule these arrangements with us directly.

Making decisions regarding the final care for your pet can be very difficult. Please do not hesitate to contact us or your veterinarian with any questions or concerns.

Dan & Nancy Bates 406-282-7378