Hayley Faith McCarthy 1/18/2006 ~ 6/21/2019

Our Sweet Hayley didn’t stay with us very long after her sister Hannah passed away. She only survived a little over a month. Her pups had her sweet disposition. Hayley loved her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. She always chose that one over the many that were strewn throughout the house. When her health began to fail she still wanted to go outside and make the loop around the house. She was very vocal holding her head up and letting out her high pitched Bark. I’d give anything to hear that again. And she seemed to have perfect timing. Always during a good movie or whenever I was on the phone. She also loved to make sure everyone knew she was present when we had company. I can still remember her look when I came near her with her meds and water ; which had to be fresh with ice in it. It was as if her look was portraying, “It’s about time you got here”. At times some of her pups would come to the house to visit and stay the night. She really enjoyed seeing them. I knew she sensed that they were her kids. It’s so strange to have 4 dogs and then one day two of them are gone. We will never forget you Hayley. I have your Winnie on top of your ashes so it will always be yours sweetheart. At least now you are with your sister Hannah. We will NEVER forget you.