Giovanni “Gio” Adopted March 2009 – September 2020

Gio was my soulmate pup who had essentially grown up with me – adopted him when I was 19 and from there he was with me through all those formative years. We moved I think 7 total times in the years we were together, he’d been with me through a few relationships, and was my closest company during some of the hardest and also the happiest times of my life. Losing him felt like losing a son or a brother, we were that intertwined. We explored Agility together, he had the cutest tricks like Sit Pretty and he would even backflip for a ball. He crooned when he would get excited (he was half beagle half Italian greyhound) and sometimes one ear would be up & the other down, making him look very 50/50 of each. He was hilarious, and naughty, and loving, and my children speak of him often.