Dusty was the best dog anyone could ask for. He had many friends since he was just so happy and enthusiastic to meet everyone. Even as a puppy, he was easy to train and did not do naughty things. Dusty was very smart. There were many words we had to spell out, and we even think he learned our spelling of some words! He sure loved his babies, and was always playful at heart. Some of his favorite silly activities were hide-and-seek, and rolling on his back while we ate dinner so that we’d pay attention to him instead of our meals. Boy, did he love food! His favorites were bananas and cheddar. Dusty also liked small places and we would often look over to see him nursing on one of his babies in his fort under the dining room table. Even at 11, he was so cute and handsome. He was a very beautiful boy. Dusty always gave so much love to us, especially when we’d come home. Those were the best, and most cheerful greetings to get! He was a lover and a cuddler, and especially liked cuddling with us on our bed when given the opportunity. It is very hard carrying on without him, but he didn’t like when we were sad, so we try and keep up with our routines and to find things to be happy about. We’ll miss him forever, and will remember often all the wonderful things he brought to our lives. We love you so much, Dusty boy!